Routine Crown Prep By Dr. Cory Glenn As Seen On Dental Town

ER pt today.  Broke the ML cusp #19 and had some lingual decay so I opted for zirconia crown.  Asst wanted to reappoint and I was thinking “are you crazy?  Put some topical on and I’ll be there in a minute”.  Took 8 minutes to prep and impress and then asst another 5 to temporize.  Why would you ever reappoint for that?

Video is with my new toy- Surgitel Loupe Cam.  Only editing is a few seconds to make it HIPAA compliant where I showed pt face. Meising Occlusal Router bur to take 1.5 off the top and then a medium grit  014 round end tapered bur for the rest. Picasso laser retraction.  Impression with triple tray and Genie VPS.

Assistant did a triple tray impression while anesthesia set in……….used a bur to hollow out the broken cusp back into the impression and then she made the temp with Integrity Bis Acryl.  I was out after sticking the impression in the mouth.

-Dr. Cory Glenn DDS

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Impression Troubleshooting PDF Guide can be found here.

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